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Large Area Rug Palm Beach

Transform your room and living area and bring out the colors on your walls while also balancing your home interior the right way. Area rugs have become the next hot trend for giving in the market. Instead of putting carpets, homeowners prefer buying large area rugs for their living spaces. Area rugs gain popularity due to it’s striking, fabulous color schemes, longevity, and outclass designs.

The Biggest Palm Beach Rug Suppliers:

Looking for area rugs in Palm Beach where you can find a vast variety of traditional and modern rugs that fit your taste, style, and even gives your house a comfortable feel.

Rugs By Zhaleh is the perfect shop to start your search for the latest design and quality rugs for your home in Palm Beach. We have a large area rug, Palm Beach collection that contains rugs from the highly efficient handmade rug-producing regions all over the world.

Comparison Of Our Top-selling Large Area Rugs:

To give you a little insight into some of our best-selling products will leave you amazed and perplexed. From elegance to design and variation in style and material, you will find it hard to choose a particular piece!

1) The Finest Persian Isfahan:

Collection: Persian Rugs

Color: Blue

Size: 3′-5′

Persian rugs are always the most demanded ones in the market. Manufactured in Iran and made from pure wool and silk. The rug is handover and contains an array of colors, and the floral intricate design makes the rug a fine choice for your living room space.

2) Windows Of Paradise:

Collection: Persian Qum

Color: Multi

Size: 3.4′- 4.7′

Qum rugs are well-renowned rugs of Iran. This piece of art is weaved keeping in mind the quality and standard of Persian rugs. The floral and fauna are indicated into a delicate design to give the rug a sophisticated look and warm feel.

3) Persian Tabriz Shirfar:

Collection: Persian Rugs

Color: Ivory- Black

Size: 9′-10′

Tabriz Persian rugs will complement the luxurious style of your home. Made of silk and fine mountain wool, this rug is woven with a technique that offers durability to the rug. The floral motifs and complex curves further add beauty to this rug.

4) EFES White:

Collection: Premium Sheep Rugs

Color: Neutral/White

Size: Custom Size

If you need custom area rugs sizes in Palm Beach, Sheep rugs are ultimately the best option. From custom size to the color of your choice, Premium Sheep Rugs can be tailored right according to the taste and style of your living area. The sheep rugs are so fine that they are water-resistant, soil-resistant will prevent wrinkles, and won’t shred or tear.

5) Persian Kashan:

Collection: Persian Rugs

Color: Camel Taupe/ LT Pistachio

Size: 12′-5.

Kashan rugs are the highlight of Persian rugs. Crafted with unique weaving styles encompassing design from the different cultural heritage of Iran, the rug is a perfect blend of antique style and modern culture. It can make your living room more elegant and beautiful.

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Large Area Rug Palm Beach

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Large Area Rug Palm Beach

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