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Do you ever wonder what your trees are doing during different times of the year? As a tree service, this question, and variations of it, is something we get asked throughout the year. While we can easily see that trees lose their leaves, then grow new ones in the fall and spring respectively, there are a lot of other interesting things going on “behind the scenes”!

In April, trees are typically coming out of dormancy and preparing for the growing season. Here are some things that trees may do in April:

  1. Bud: Many trees will start to grow new buds, which will eventually become leaves or flowers. Depending on the species, these buds may be small and barely noticeable or larger and more prominent. This is why a tree service will advise against pruning unless it is necessary for safety reasons or to correct a structural problem. If you must cut a tree during the budding stage, it’s important to do it carefully and with the help of a professional.
  2. Leaf out: As the weather gets warmer, trees will start to produce new leaves. This is an important process, as leaves are where trees do most of their photosynthesis and get the energy they need to grow.
  3. Flower: Some trees will also start to produce flowers in April. This is especially true for fruit trees like cherry and apple, which rely on pollination to produce fruit.
  4. Grow: As trees produce new leaves and flowers, they will also start to grow taller and wider. This growth will continue throughout the spring and summer months.
  5. Attract wildlife: Trees may attract a variety of wildlife in April, including birds, insects, and small mammals. Many of these animals rely on trees for food and shelter, so trees play an important role in supporting local ecosystems.

Trees vary in behavior in different climates, but overall, trees in April are getting ready for the growing season, producing new leaves and flowers, and supporting a wide range of wildlife.

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