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Winter is a great time to have your trees professionally pruned. Trees go into a dormant state in the winter. Pruning during this time has several benefits.  

With the foliage off for the winter, it is easier for your tree expert to evaluate the tree. It is easier to see  any cosmetic or concerning issues. This is the time to look for dying or dead limbs, crossed branches that are rubbing together, and any other issues that may be affecting your tree’s health. 

Winter pruning is less stressful for your trees. Pruning during the dormant state allows more time for wounds to heal and slowly recover before spring budding time.  

Pest and disease are less likely to be an issue if you have your tree trimmed in the winter. Disease causing agents such as insects, fungi, and parasites are usually dead or dormant in the winter.  It should be noted that our part of the state doesn’t often get those bitterly cold winters that cause disease spreading agents to go dormant. When temperatures reach 50 degrees Fahrenheit, you should evaluate the benefit to risk of each pruning project separately, rather than as a general rule. 

The saying “falling leaves mean falling prices” is generally accurate. Cleaning up the debris created by tree removal and pruning is a big part of the cost. A tree with no leaves will create less mess and therefore save you money.  

All in all, winter is a great time for pruning and can enhance the health of your trees and beauty of your property. Call today to schedule your free professional evaluation. 

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