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Bonnell Tree Technicians

Zero head scratching. My late father-in-law, Bob Bonnell was an old-school logger and had lots of little sayings like that.  A lot of them relating to logging went right over my head, but “zero head scratching” was always a favorite of mine. That one, I got! When he hired work done, he wanted it done professionaly, quickly, and correctly…. with zero head scratching.

What exactly does that mean in tree work?

It means coordinating jobs with the right crew and equipment for each different job. A saw that is perfect for one project could cause another project to take much longer than it should and not have excellent results. You don’t want us making noise outside your house for ages and end up with mediocre results, right? Neither do we!

It means a plan of action for each job. When we show up, we want to already know what you want done and have a plan as to how we will accomplish this for you.

It means a contingency plan for each job. Sometimes things don’t always go as planned and we want to be prepared for that. Property owners change their minds, unexpected weather pops up, wildlife issues arise. Whatever occurs, we want you to rest assured that you’ve hired professionals who can make an unexpected change flow smoothly.

It means treating your property like our own. Actually, better than we sometimes treat our own. I have been known to haphazardly slap a coat of paint on a wall in a color that I later regretted (don’t ever try glitter paint). So when we are working on your project, we treat it with the care and respect your home deserves… and with no glitter paint.

At Bonnell Tree Technicians “zero head scratching” is a challenge we give ourselves on every job. From simple things like arriving on time, moving a little bird house out of harms way, to more complex things like getting a large, dangerous tree down from a tight spot with lots of obstacles below, we want to live up to that challenge. The Bonnell Tree crew takes pride in a job well done and pleasing our customers. From the moment we step foot onto your property until the last leaf is raked up, we want it done with “zero head scratching”.

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